First Ultra-Light 1.5-Ounce Fixed Blade Knife

First Ultra-Light 1.5-Ounce Fixed Blade Knife


Fixed-blade knives have been around as long as man.  For good reason too.  Words like firm, immovable, and solid are all synonyms of fixed.  A fixed-blade knife is just that - an unbreakable tool always ready to do work under any circumstances.  For a certain segment of hunters, they prefer the fixed-blade over the removable blade knives.  At GOAT KNIVES we get it - this is why we set out to design the first of its kind, a truly ultra-light fixed-blade backcountry knife. 


With that said, we introduce the TUR carbon pro - a 1.5-ounce rock-solid fixed-blade ultra-light hunting knife. We achieved what is possibly the lightest fixed-blade knife ever available by combining titanium, carbon, and some of the best available steel.

The TUR carbon pro is a multi-functional tool just like our Capra Hunter Ti as well.  We included on the TUR carbon pro handle our patent-pending Goat Knife 1/4" drive hole in the handle to fit any standard Allen bit set for repairing gear in the field.


We designed this knife around two concepts.  Premium components and  backcountry bombproof.

The TUR carbon pro is a two-piece design.  First, the handle is made from ultra-strong lightweight machined titanium with carbon scale inlays so its looks are as awesome as its toughness.  

Secondly, the blade is made from Nitro V steel with a Rockwell hardness of 62.  Rockwell hardness is a measurement of steel hardness and a rating of 62 is extremely durable and will hold an edge very long.  Nitro V steel uses nitrogen as the iron-hardener instead of carbon during the steel making process to make it extremely resistant to corrosion from moisture.

This knife is as tough, durable, and long-lasting as any knife out there.


The TUR carbon pro is a knife so durable it can be passed down to the next generation.  The handle is made of one of the lightest and strongest metals on earth so don't even think about breaking it.  Because of the steels hardness, the blade won't ever break and will remain sharp through the entire process as you breakdown your hard-earned trophy.  Once home, Nitro V is a steel the average hunter can easily put a hair shaving edge back on the blade with little experience. 

Simply put, this knife is made for the most extreme conditions and abuses a backcountry hunter can put on it year-after-year. 

Get your your TUR carbon pro now.


  • 1.5 ounces
  • Titanium handle
  • Carbon knife scales
  • 4/40 Titanium Torx head screws
  • The TUR interlocking blade design
  • Nitro V blade steel
  • Kydex sheath


  • Titanium knife handle with carbon inlay
  • The standard blade & 2 -Ti Torx screws
  • Multi option Kydex sheath