Nitro TUR

Nitro TUR

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The Nitro TUR is a direct spin-off of the already popular TUR carbon pro.
Its name comes from the single cut out design from one piece of Nitro-
V blade steel. The Nitro TUR comes in at a remarkable 1.8 ounces and
has most of the same features as its big brother the TUR carbon pro.

This American-made knife and multi-tool will give
you peace of mind knowing you have a rock-solid piece of gear you can
rely on. This knife has excellent blade retention and is corrosion resistant

Like the rest of the Goat Knives' lineup, it was designed to last
a lifetime. The ¼” drive hole in the handle will give you the ability to use
Allen keys, so you can remove or tighten hardware in the field. Having
the ability to make a slight bow sight adjustment could be the
difference between punching a tag or hiking back out to the pickup to get
sighted back in. Although this knife is more budget-friendly rest assured
it comes with the same quality you’ve come to expect from the Goat
knife lineup.


  • Nitro TUR knife
  • Kydex sheath
  • limited lifetime warranty

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